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Freshen up with the fundamentals of maintaining healthy nails for your hands and feet

Mani $20 | Pedi $31 | Mani+Pedi $45


Get long lasting results as deeply nourishing products work to repair, replenish, and condition your hands and feet, not just your nails. ALSO INCLUDES: exfoliating scrubs . callus removal . clay masque

Mani $27 | Pedi $46 | Mani+Pedi $68


Enjoy all the benefits of the LUXE manicure and pedicure but with certified organic products for those with more sensitive skin. ALSO INCLUDES organice exfoliating scrubs . callus removal . organic clay masque

Mani $32 | Pedi $55 | Mani+Pedi $79

Gel Polish

polish cured under UV or LED light and lasts up to two weeks.

Gel Manicure $33 | French Manicure $40

Hot Stone Aromatherapy

Uplift your spirits, alleviate muscle tension and improve the overall feeling of wellbeing. Hot stone massage help soothe tired hands and feet in conjunction with essential oils, known for mood boosting homeopathic benefits. Choose from invigorating eucalyptus or calming lavender. ALSO INCLUDES exfoliating scrub . callus removal . clay masque . hot stone massage . essential oils

Mani $35 | Pedi $59 | Combo $88

Bluegrass Treatment

Envelop parched hands and feet with our most equisite manicure and pedicure that is completete with a paraffin dip. Help boost circulation, relax your muscles, that leaves you soft and radiant: a true indulgence. ALSO INCLUDES exfoliating scrub . callus removal . clay masque . hot stone massage . essential oils. paraffin wax.

Mani $40 | Pedi $72 | Combo $108

nail enhancements

Pink Powder

a pink powder is sculpted over real nails or an artificial tip to extend and strengthen nails

Full Set $45+ | Fill In $35+

Pink and White Powder

powder is sculpted onto artificial tips to look like French or American tips

Full Set $55+ | Fill In $50+

DIP Powder

a dipping powder system that will be applied directly onto nail bed that lasts exceptionally long with durability and shine

French $58+ | Color $48+ | additional charge for removal


Gel Polish $5/8/10 | Powder/Dipping Power $12+

additional services

Polish Change

Mani $12 | Pedi $14

French/American Design

Polish +$5 | Gel +$8


Mani $8+ | Pedi $12+

UV Protection and Collagen Glove

Mani $10+ | Pedi $12+

spa services (coming soon!!)

eyelash extensions


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